debug-me 1.20181208 released with these changes

  • Update to lts-12.10, support ghc 8.4, and aeson 1.3.
Posted Sat Dec 8 17:30:24 2018

debug-me 1.20170810 released with these changes

  • Fix build with websockets- which did not support compression.
  • Update to lts-9.0.
Posted Thu Aug 10 18:18:12 2017

debug-me 1.20170520 released with these changes

  • debug-me is available in Debian unstable.
  • gpg keyrings in /usr/share/debug-me/ will be checked to see if a connecting person is a known developer of software installed on the system, and so implicitly trusted already. Software packages/projects can install keyrings to that location. (Thanks to Sean Whitton for the idea.)
  • make install installs /usr/share/debug-me/a_debug-me_developer.gpg, which contains the key of Joey Hess. (stack and cabal installs don't include this file because they typically don't install system-wide)
  • debug-me.cabal: Added dependency on time.
  • stack.yaml: Update to new posix-pty version.
Posted Sat May 20 21:32:10 2017