Want to run a debug-me server? debug-me includes a built-in server, which you can run like this:

debug-me --server /var/log/debug-me/ --from-email address something@example.com

You might also want to use the --delete-old-logs option, the --port option, etc. See the man page for details.

Your server needs to have a working mail transport agent so it can email logs to debug-me users.

The debug-me source package includes an init script and a systemd service file. Running "make install" as root will install everything. Or on Debian 10 or later or Ubuntu 17.10 or later, apt-get install debug-me-server.

debug-me has a server list built into it of servers it uses. To get your server added to the list, file a todo item with the url for your server, and be sure to say how long you anticipate the server running, where it's located, and what kind of bandwidth it has available. The more debug-me servers, the better!